The agreement about terms of providing the online sales service by  
the Federal State-Budget Cultural Institution  
"The Moscow Kremlin State Historical and Cultural Museum and Heritage Site" 
This document — "User Agreement" is an offer (according to Article 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation). By Article 438 of the Civil Code, the Customer is considered to have unconditionally accepted the terms of the current document by using the online sales service. 
This offer contains the conditions of the order and payment of the Museum Service. Performing actions on the order/purchase/payment of the ticket to the Museum, the Customer fully and unconditionally accepts and agrees to comply strictly with all the terms of this Agreement.  
The museum provides an opportunity to pay for tickets through the Internet computer network, using calculations "Payment Systems". This online sales service is available to the Customer having got a computer or other device allowing to use the Internet, as well as access to the Internet. 
All issues relating to authorization with the access to the Internet, buying and setting up the appropriate hardware and software products, are not regulated by this Agreement and are to be resolved by the Customer himself. 
1.1. Museum (Seller) — The Moscow Kremlin Museums (Federal State-Budget Cultural Institution "The Moscow Kremlin State Historical and Cultural Museum and Heritage Site", OGRN 1027739029856; registered address 103032, Russia, Moscow, Kremlin).  
1.2. Customer (User)— a person over 18 years of age or an authorized of a legal entity, using a Bank Card on the basis of an agreement with the bank of issue, who has a registration on the Website and use the Site for information and purchasing Tickets. 
1.3. Parties — the Museum and the Customer. 
1.4. Agreement — this User Agreement.  
1.5. Site (Website) — website of the Museum hosted by, designed for placing information and online ticket booking experience. 
1.6. Order — one or several tickets for one Event selected by the Customer from the System and combined in the System by the common identification number, on which base the temporary withdrawal (reservation) of the selected tickets from the general sale in the System.  
1.7. Event — scientific and educational event organized by the Museum, such as visiting permanent and temporary exhibitions and sites of the Museum, concerts in the Museum's halls or in the open air; guided tours, lectures, and other events to which admission only by ticket is allowed. 
1.8. Ticket (group ticket, permanent ticket) — document, printed on serially-numbered unique ticket stock paper, giving the right to visit the Event. 
1.9. Owner of the ticket — beneficial owner (person, who was registered as a Customer when booking tickets, going to visit the Event by the Ticket). 
1.10. Voucher — document in either electronic form or printed on paper, confirming the fact of the Customer’s Payment for the Ticket on the Website. The Voucher is not a Ticket and does not give the right to attend the Event. The Voucher must be exchanged on a mandatory basis for the Ticket at the Museum’s Ticket Office on the day of the Event. 
1.11. Cost of the Order (Ticket Price) is determined by the Parties for each particular Order based on the current prices of the Museum at the time of placing the order online. 
1.12. Payment — transfers of funds in the amount of the Order price by Bank Card.  
1.13. Bank Card — a tool that allows its holder to carry out the operations with monetary funds held at the bank which issued the Card, in accordance with the Russian law and the agreement with the issuing bank.  
1.14. System (Payment System) — a complex of financial institutions combined with each other on a contractual basis, consisting of software and hardware "TicketNet" providing data exchange and technological interaction, required for the settlement of accounts between the Customer and the Museum.  
1.15. Terms of the payment system — a set of documents regulating the operation of payment systems VISA, MasterCard and МIR.  
1.16. Payment for the Order — confirmation by the System of debiting the funds from the Customer's Bank Card.  
1.17. Purchase — the act of paying for the Order, as confirmed by the Fiscal check and the Voucher that is to be exchanged for tickets at the Museum Ticket Office for no additional fee.  
1.18. Fiscal check — primary document in electronic form and (or) printed via the use of cash register equipment at the moment of payment by the Customer, containing information of the payment, confirming the fact of its compliance with the law of the Russian Federation of cash register equipment use. 
1.19. Museum Ticket Office — ticket office of the Moscow Kremlin Museums for ticket sales.  
1.20. Refund — designated procedure within the terms of this Agreement by which the customer's payment shall be returned to the customer's Bank Card.  
2.1. This Agreement regulates the Customer's actions in obtaining information and making an Order for the purchase of Tickets through the Website.  
2.2. The Agreement constitutes a contract between
2.2. The agreement is a contract between the Customer and the Museum; it regulates the usage of the Museum Website by the Customer.
3.1. The Agreement shall become effective upon the customer placing his email address in the registration form for booking.
3.2. The Museum reserves the right to amend this Agreement without further notice to the Customer and warns the Customer (and the Customer hereby accepts and agrees) that for every new order the Customer is obliged to review the text of the agreement for the changes. The text of the agreement is permanently available on the Website of the Museum at the following address:
4.1. Online registration:
The Customer undertakes to complete all the fields of the registration form (e-form) on the Website when booking tickets.
4.2. The Customer is obliged to:
– provide a valid e-mail address, owned by the Customer;
– provide a valid phone number belonging to the Customer;
– enter the name of the recipient of the ticket (Ticket Holder) in the Museum Ticket Office;
– agree to the terms of the Agreement (see. p. 3.1 of present Agreement).
5.1. The Customer is obliged to comply fully with the terms of the Agreement herein.
5.2. The Customer has the right to place Order and refund on the Website in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.
5.3. The Customer is obliged to use the Website in good faith (only for purposes not inconsistent with this Agreement and in the order as described in this Agreement).
The use of software for data modification and other means of unauthorized access to the functionality of the site is prohibited.
5.4. The Customer has no right to reproduce, repeat, copy, resell, post on other sites, and use for commercial or advertising purposes the information from the Website, including information on the proposed online tickets and ticket prices.
5.5. The Ticket Holder gets the right to visit the Museum by the ticket printed on the letterhead of the strict reporting, provided by the ticket office of the Museum on the basis of the Voucher.
5.6. When ordering tickets for citizens entitled to discount, the Customer is obliged to specify the recipient (Ticket Holder) data: name, Certificate of entitlement to discount and its number.
5.7. The Customer has the right to buy a ticket for another person (Ticket Holder), specifying that person’s name, the type and number of the document confirming the entitlement to discount (in the case if the Ticket Holder is entitled to get the discount ticket).
5.8. The Ticket Holder is obliged to submit the original of the document confirming the identity of the Holder and his right to benefits (if any) at the request of employees of the Museum (ticket office clerks, ticket inspectors, administrators).
5.9. The Customer is obliged to take into account the Museum's newsletters (item 6.5 of this Agreement) and to inform the Ticket Holder on the terms of this Agreement and all the notices about the visit to the Event, sent to the Customer by the Museum.
6.1. The Museum shall provide the Customer with the opportunity to Book Tickets through the Museum Site, or return them on the terms and pursuant to the conditions set out in the Agreement.
6.2. The Museum shall be obliged to state the prices for all Tickets on its Website which are available for Order. 
6.3. The Museum has the right in its sole discretion to make changes in Ticket Prices offered on the Site, but the price of Tickets that have already been purchased cannot be changed.
6.4. Customers that have registered while placing the order as entitled to discount shall be admitted to the Museum upon presenting documents confirming their entitlement to discount. If the relevant document is absent (or differs from the one declared upon order placement) the order shall be annulled, the payment shall not be reimbursed.  6.5 Museum has the right to send newsletters to the Customers, concerning the services (including order placement). 
6.6 Museum has the right to set the maximum amount of tickets acquired by the Customer as the Museum sees fit. 
6.7. Museum has the right to annul the orders placed by Customer that violates terms of this Agreement.
7.1. Currency for Payments and Returns.  
7.1.1. The currency for funds debited from Customer Bank Cards shall be the Russian Ruble, under the applicable law of the Russian Federation.  
7.1.2. The currency for funds refunded to Customer Bank Cards shall be the Russian Ruble, under the applicable law of the Russian Federation.  
7.2. The procedure for making purchases by Bank Card.
7.2.1. After selecting the desired Tickets, the Customer should proceed to complete an Order, by pressing the "Order" button and then go through the steps that follow to complete the Order.  
7.2.2. At any moment prior to final confirmation of the order and making their payment, the Customer has the right not to proceed with their unpaid Orders if they find that any of the terms of the Agreement are not acceptable to them.  
7.2.3. When making payment for their Order, the Customer shall be automatically redirected to the System site, where the validity of their Bank Card shall be verified.  
Provided that the Card is verified and the Payment is confirmed, the Customer's Bank Card will be debited for the full sum of the Order.  
In cases where Payment for the Order is not completed and/or is unsuccessful, the Customer has the right to make a new Order and proceed with its Payment in accordance with the procedure outlined in point 7.2. 
7.2.4. If the Payment is successfully made for the Order, the Customer will receive an e-mail sent to the e-mail address provided during the Order placement process, containing a web link to their Voucher, which must be printed. 
7.2.5. The Voucher must be exchanged for the Ticket (group ticket, permanent ticket), which can only be printed on serially-numbered unique ticket stock paper. 
The Voucher can only be exchanged for the Tickets at the Museum Ticket Office within the following time period: 
7.3.2. The Parties have agreed that in the event of the Museum refusing to issue tickets to the Customer according to the procedure given in point 7.3.1. of this Agreement, the fact of Customer's not receiving the Tickets booked in the Order will be treated by the Customer and Museum as non-issue of the tickets due to a Customer fault, and therefore the Museum is absolved of any responsibility to make a Refund to the Customer of the Payment in connection with such an Order.  
7.3.3. If the Customer has not physically received the Tickets by the expiration of the period specified in point 7.2.5, this situation shall give the Museum due cause to terminate its obligations in accordance with the Agreement in a unilateral manner and consider that its responsibility to the Customer was discharged in full.  
7.4. Security of Payments.
7.4.1. The Customer is required to make payments using only his/her own Bank Card.  
7.4.2. Secure payment is assured by the Uniteller processing centre (paragraph 7.6.2. specified in this Agreement). 
7.5 Order Cancellation.
7.5.1. The Museum has the right to cancel Orders made in circumstances described in paragraphs 7.2.7. and 6.7 of this Agreement.
7.5.2. The Museum has the right to cancel Orders in cases where no confirmation of successful Payment is given by the System, within 2 (two) hours after the Customer's Order on the Site.  
7.5.3. The Museum has the right to cancel Orders in the event of a technical breakdown of the computer software system during the process of placing the Order. In such cases, the Cost of the Order will be returned to the Bank Card which was used to make Payment in accordance with the procedure details at point of this Agreement. 
7.6 Informational Support of the Customer. 
7.6.1. In the event of questions arising, which are not connected with Payments, the Customer can call the Museum on the following telephone numbers +7 (495) 697-03-49; +7 (495) 695-41-46; (daily from 10:00 to 17:00) or contact the Museum by e-mail at
7.6.2. For all questions, complaints or suggestions connected with the Bank Card Payment System, Customers should contact the Uniteller Customer Support Service Centre at or by calling 8-800-100-19-60.

7.7.1. The procedure for refund when requested by the Customer before exchanging the Voucher for a Ticket at the Museum Ticket Office. Payment Refund for paid Orders can only be processed by application through the Museum Site using the Bank Card, and cannot be made by the Museum Ticket Office. In order to make an application for a Payment Refund, the Customer must complete an electronic application (see the link titled "refund application" to download this in MS Office format in the "Rules" section and send the completed application by email to Processing of applications for Refund takes place on working days from 10 am to 5 pm, Moscow time. Applications are accepted by the Museum only after the Customer has completed the full procedure which is listed in paragraph of this Agreement. Request made in free format (without filled out application for refund) or application filled out incorrectly shall not be the basis for the refund of payment. The Refund for individual visits to the Museum shall be made according to applications received before 23:59 pm of the day prior to the Event (the first Event included in the permanent ticket). The Museum reserves the right not to make a Refund in this case. The Refund for a Group Excursion Visit shall be made if the Refund Application is received by the Museum no later than 7 days before the Event date (counting from 00:00 am of the day following the day of placing the Order). The Museum reserves the right not to make a Refund according to applications received later than this time. The Refund shall be made only to the Bank Card from which it was made. The Refund shall be made only in full value of the Order. Partial refund shall not be made. 
7.7.2. Procedure for the Refund of the cost of Tickets purchased by Bank Card on the Site and received at the Museum Ticket Office. Registration of Refunds can only be made at the Museum Ticket Office. Refund of the price of the Ticket can only be made directly to the Bank Card with which the Payment was made. In order to make a refund of the Ticket price the Customer must complete an Application (which is given out at the Ticket Office) in which they state: the full name as in the passport; the Voucher number; their passport number; the e-mail address; the number of the Bank Card with which the payment was made; the date when the Order was made; the total value of the Order, the number of the ticket. Applications filed out incorrectly, shall not be the basis for the refund of the Ticket Cost. 
In order for the Refund Process to go ahead, the Customer must present an ID and the Ticket. Group passes and additionally purchased tickets bought in the Ticket Office shall not be liable to exchange or refund. 
7.7.3. Procedure for Ticket Refund if initiated by the Museum. If the Ticket Refund due to cancellation of the Event, or in the case of the replacement of the Event, in the case of a technical failure, which served the cause of incorrect Ordering or Payment, the Museum shall carry out the annulment of the Order and returns the Customer the Payment in full. 
7.7.4. The Parties come to agreement that Refund of the Payment by the Museum of the corresponding Order in accordance with the conditions of this Agreement and/or the Regulations of International Payment Systems and Russian legislation will be treated by the Parties as an incident which provides sufficient grounds for the Museum to terminate its responsibilities under this Agreement and consider that its responsibility to the Customer has been rendered full and complete. 
7.8. Date of the Payment Refund.
The date of the Refund of the Ticket Cost is considered to be the date on which the funds are debited from the Museum's bank account. The Museum cannot accept responsibility for the further transference of these funds once debited. 
Time frames of payments shall depend on transactions of refunds by card-issuing banks and other institutions.
8.1. The Museum is under the obligation not to disclose the information it receives from Customers. It is not considered an infringement of the Museum's obligations to provide the information to persons acting under contract to the Museum in order to fulfil their responsibilities to the Customer. The Museum provides access to Customers' personal data only to its employees, contractors and agents who require this information for the correct functioning of the Site and the provision of the services it offers to the Customer.  
8.2. The processing of Customer's personal data shall be handled in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation. The Museum process the Customer's personal data in order to provide services to the Customer and for the checking, research and analysis of such data that are needed to communicate with Customers. The Museum shall take all necessary measures to keep Customer's personal data secure from unauthorised access, distribution, alteration, disclosure, or destruction.  
8.3. In accepting the User Agreement on the Site, the Customer agrees to the processing of the personal data using both automated systems or without such automation, including the collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, refining, use, distribution (including transmission), depersonalization, blocking, destruction of personal data provided by the Customer in connection with this Agreement, as well as other actions provided under Russian Federal Law of 27.07.2006 No152-FZ "On Personal Data".  
8.4. The Museum shall not verify the authenticity of Customer's personal data, nor does it verify their validity, and relies upon the Customer to provide reliable and acceptable personal information given in the Registration Form, and keeps this information up to date. The responsibility for the accuracy or inaccuracy of the information given and possible consequences arising from this lies with the Customer.  
8.5. The Website uses cookies technology in its operation. "Cookies" — is a small fragment of data, sent by the web server and stored on the user's computer. Turning off cookies may cause inability to place orders. Using this Website the Customer agrees on cookie files. 
8.6 The Museum reserves the right to use the information provided by the User, including personal data, in order to comply with relevant Federal Law (including the prevention and/or deterrence of illegal and/or unlawful acts on the part of the Customer). Disclosure of Customer information shall be made only in accordance with prevailing legislation when enforced by court order,
law-enforcement authorities, or in other such cases as provided for by law. 

9.1. Customers shall agree to use the Website and the functions it offers at their own risk. The Museum shall not be held accountable if the Website fails to conform to the Customer's ends or expectations.  
9.2. The Museum shall not be held accountable for any agreements made by the Customer with third parties.  
9.3. The Museum retains the right to unilaterally terminate the operation of the Website or sections of the Site or its functions without prior notification of the Customer. The Museum may not be held liable for the temporary or permanent discontinuation of the Site's operations.  
9.4. The Museum shall use best endeavours to ensure the normal operation of the Website, but the Museum shall not be liable for any failure or shortcoming in carrying out its responsibilities to the Customer, including the payment of damages, which arise due to inavailability to use the Site.  
9.5 In the event of force-majeure circumstances, and accidents or breakdowns in the hardware-software set-ups of third parties collaborating with the Museum, or the actions (or failures to act) of third parties aimed at the cessation or limitation of function of the Site, the Site's operation may be shut down without prior notification to the Customer. 
9.6. Regardless of the circumstances, the responsibilities of the Museum to the customer are strictly limited to the cost of the Tickets for which the Customer made Payment. 
9.7 The Museum shall not be liable for the timing of Payments made to banks or other institutions including the timing of refunds of Customer’s Payments.  
 9.8. The Parties shall not be held liable for complete or partial failure to complete their obligations if such failure is occasioned by force majeure circumstances that arise after the Agreement goes into effect or as a result of circumstances of insuperable force or emergency incidents which are unforeseeable by the Parties and which they cannot reasonably prevent. 
9.9. The Museum shall not be held liable for any disagreements arising between the Customer and the System and/or any Credit institutions over the issue of a payment dispute. 
10.1. The present document constitutes the entire agreement between the Customer and the Museum and defines the terms of using the Website. In case of disputes, the text of the Agreement posted on the Website shall have a priority over any other text of the agreement.
10.2. In cases other than those specified in the Agreement, the relationship between the Museum and the Customer shall be governed by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
10.3. In case of disagreements and disputes about the Agreement and its scope, the Museum and the Customer will make all possible efforts to resolve them through negotiations. In case of failure to settle disputes through negotiation, they shall be settled in the Tverskoy District Court of Moscow.
10.4. The Customer confirms that he/she has read the Agreement and fully accepts its conditions without reservations. The Customer hereby agrees to fully comply all the terms and conditions of this Agreement relating with the Museum.